Report: Unlocking the Potential: Medical Cannabis in the UK

Alternaleaf Team

At Alternaleaf, we’re committed to raising awareness and improving access to legal medical cannabis in the UK

Our recent nationwide study of 2,000 UK citizens revealed a significant knowledge gap, with 48% of Brits unaware or unsure about its legality, despite being legalised in 2018. The report shows the growing openness to medical cannabis:

63% would be comfortable taking medical cannabis if prescribed
49% would feel at ease seeing someone taking medical cannabis in public
67% believe perceptions around medical cannabis have improved over the past decade

Who is Alternaleaf for?

Kyle Jackson, a 23-year-old from Merseyside, struggled with chronic anxiety and alcohol addiction for years. After being prescribed medical cannabis by Alternaleaf’s specialist doctors, his life transformed.

”It only took a couple of months, and it changed everything really. Now I'm going out and actually trying to have a life again,” Kyle shared.

The benefits of medical cannabis are well documented.

Effective for over 50 conditions, including chronic pain, ADHD, anxiety, migraines, and OCD

Minimal side effects compared to many conventional medications

A safe, plant-based alternative or complementary treatment

At Alternaleaf, we have a team of dedicated specialists working every day to build greater access to medical cannabis.

Christopher Strauch, Managing Director and Founder

Dr Anup Mathew
Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist

”I’ve seen thousands of lives completely transformed by Medical Cannabis. People who have been experiencing long-term disruption to their personal lives because of a condition like chronic pain or anxiety are finding they are getting their lives back again.”

A path towards a pain-free society in the UK

At Alternaleaf, our mission is to normalise the use of medical cannabis as an effective and safe treatment, guided by the latest scientific evidence and clinical expertise.
We believe increasing awareness, challenging stigmas, and improving accessibility are crucial steps towards a pain-free society in the UK.
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